Tangier morocco tours 12 days

Tangier morocco tours 12 days

Tangier morocco tours 12 days

Day 1: Arrival in Tangier - Transfer to the accommodation

Welcome to Tangier, the gateway between Europe and Africa, located in close proximity to the south of Spain. Today, our team will pick you up from the port of Tangier, the airport, or any other location of your choice and transfer you to your accommodation.
Upon arrival, depending on your schedule, you'll have the opportunity to explore the best of the city in the North. Subsequently, you'll embark on a full-day guided tour of this mysterious city, led by a local tour guide. The tour begins with a sightseeing exploration of Tangier, delving into its historical sites such as Hercules Cave, Cape Spartel, and the old town (Medina).
As the day unfolds, your private guide will provide insights into the rich history and cultural significance of Tangier. In the late afternoon, you'll be escorted to your accommodation, allowing you to relax and reflect on the captivating experiences of the day.

Day 2: Tangier - Rif Mountains - Tetouan - Chefchaouen

After enjoying breakfast in your riad or hotel, the exploration of Tangier continues with a visit to the remaining main attractions of the city. Following this, the journey unfolds as you depart from Tangier, setting off towards Chefchaouen.
As you traverse the Rif mountains, you'll be treated to breathtaking scenery and pass through the beautiful city of Tetouan. The route allows you to enjoy the stunning landscapes and encounter small Berber villages nestled in the Rif mountains. A stop in Tetouan is scheduled for lunch, providing a moment to rest and savor the local cuisine.
Continuing your journey, you make your way to the blue city of Chefchaouen, known for its Berber name meaning "horn." This charming city is perched beneath the mountains of the Rif and is famous for its white houses built over hills in shades of blue. Upon arrival, you'll have the opportunity to explore Chefchaouen's unique and picturesque streets. The night is spent in Chefchaouen at a hotel or riad, allowing you to immerse yourself in the distinctive ambiance of the blue city.

Day 3: Full-day exploring Chefchaouen

Today is dedicated to exploring the captivating sights of Chefchaouen, one of the most famous tourist destinations in Morocco. After a delightful breakfast at your accommodation, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the charm of this unique town.
Chefchaouen is renowned for its distinctive feature—blue-painted walls that adorn the Medina in various shades. As you venture into the Medina, a highlight is climbing to "Ras El Maa Waterfall," a famous water source situated atop a mountain. The ascent provides panoramic views, allowing you to appreciate the city's layout and mountainous terrain.
On your way to the top, you'll encounter several monuments and symbolic buildings, including the Place of "Outa El Hamam," a square surrounded by cafes and restaurants, offering a serene setting to relax. The square also features the "Kasbah," a walled fortress dating back to the 18th century, now adorned with a lovely garden.
Your exploration is incomplete without a visit to the "Grand Spanish Mosque," built in the 15th century. This day allows you to fully experience the unique blend of culture, history, and natural beauty that Chefchaouen has to offer. The night is spent in Chefchaouen, allowing you to savor the tranquility and charm of the blue city.

Day 4: Chefchaouen - Volubilis - Meknes - Fes

On the second day of your journey, start the day early to capture the beauty of the people-less streets of Chefchaouen before setting off for Fes. After enjoying breakfast at your accommodation, depart from Chefchaouen on your way to Fes.
En route to Fes, make a stop to explore the Roman ruins of Volubilis. This archaeological site earned its place on the UNESCO World Heritage Site List in 1997. Wander through the complex, marvel at the ancient temples, and admire the many well-preserved mosaics scattered across the site.
Continuing the journey, arrive in Meknes, an Imperial City built by Sultan Moulay Ismail in the 17th century. Explore the old Medina surrounded by a formidable wall, and visit key attractions such as the famous gates of Bab El Mansour, Moulay Ismail Tombs, the Royal Stables, and the square of El Hedim. Lunch will be served in a restaurant near the square, allowing you to savor local flavors.
At the end of the day, proceed to your accommodation in Fes, where you will spend the night, reflecting on the rich history and cultural discoveries made throughout the day.

Day 5: Fes guided tour, Full-day trip in Fes

Today marks the exploration of Fes, the oldest of Morocco's imperial cities and one of the most fascinating and vibrant to explore. Begin your day by immersing yourself in the medina, the largest urban car-free zone in the world. To enhance your experience, meet your knowledgeable local guide, who will provide insights into the history and culture of Fes and assist you in navigating the intricate alleys and small streets of the Medina.
The day's itinerary includes visits to key landmarks such as the Royal Palace gate, the Jewish headquarters, the renowned University of Al-Qarawiyyin (the oldest in the region), the Tanneries, the Attarine Museum, and the Moulay Idris Mausoleum. Each stop offers a glimpse into the rich heritage of Fes and its historical significance.
After a break for lunch, embark on a journey uphill to the ruins of the Merenid Tombs, offering a panoramic view of the city of Fes. Take in the breathtaking vistas before returning to your traditional riad or hotel to spend the night, reflecting on the day's exploration of this captivating imperial city.

Day 6: Fes - Ifrane - Azrou - Medalt - Ziz valley - Merzouga

Embark on a new day with an early start as you travel southward toward Merzouga. En route, you'll pass through the town of Ifrane, globally recognized as the "Switzerland of Morocco." The town stands out for its alpine-style European houses with sloping roofs, a departure from the traditional architecture of Morocco. Ifrane, situated at an elevation of 1630 meters, is surrounded by striking natural beauty, particularly the National Park. Take a moment to visit one of the interesting inhabitants of this region—the Barbary Macaque monkeys that inhabit the extensive cedar tree forest.
The journey continues with a stop for lunch in Midelt, often referred to as "the apple city." Traveling over the Tizi N'Talghamt pass, you'll enter the Ziz Valley, renowned for its hidden oases and palm trees. As you proceed, the route leads to Erfoud, known for its date festival and fossil mining activities.
Finally, you'll reach the captivating Erg Chebbi, an expansive sea of sand dunes. Upon arriving in Merzouga, you will be dropped off at a local hotel or riad situated near the mesmerizing dunes, offering a comfortable setting to unwind and absorb the beauty of the desert surroundings.

Day 7: Merzouga desert Area - Camel Trek and Overnight in the Camp

Dedicate today to immersing yourself in the enchanting world of the Erg Chebbi sand dunes and the surrounding village. After a hearty breakfast at your accommodation, the adventure begins with a visit to the nomads residing in traditional Berber tents in the heart of the Sahara desert. Gain insight into their way of life and share a cup of tea with these resilient desert dwellers.
The journey continues to the Meffis mines, providing an opportunity to explore the workings of these mines and learn about the local industry. Following this, a visit to the small village of Khamilia awaits, where you'll encounter the Gnaoua people. Engage firsthand with their music and lifestyle, and enjoy a lunch shared with these vibrant communities.
Returning to Merzouga, leave the car behind and embark on a camel trekking experience across the towering sand dunes of Erg Chebbi. Local guides will teach you the art of mounting and dismounting camels, along with essential camel-related safety tips. Witness the breathtaking sunset from atop a high dune before returning to your desert camp, where you'll spend the night. As darkness falls, savor a delicious dinner and delight in the melodies of Berber music played by local nomads beneath the starlit sky. If you're in the mood, join in the dancing to the rhythmic tunes of Berber music.

Day 8: Merzouga - Rissani - Todra Gorges - Dades Valley

Begin your day by awakening early to witness the magical sunrise over the captivating sand dunes of Erg Chebbi. The rising sun will paint the sky with various hues, casting shadows and colors over the vast sea of sand dunes. Embark on a camel ride back to your accommodation in Merzouga, where you can refresh with a shower and enjoy a fulfilling breakfast.
Leaving the expansive desert behind, the journey proceeds towards the city of Rissani, a historic market town that once played a crucial role as a major stop for Saharan caravans. If your tour coincides with market days (Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays), you'll have the chance to explore the bustling souk, the largest in the region.
Continue the drive with a stop in Erfoud, renowned for its fossil-related activities and date festival. In Erfoud, you'll encounter stalls showcasing crystals, precious stones, and an array of fossils. The route then weaves through Berber villages, leading to the spectacular Todra Gorges. After a delightful lunch amid the striking mountainous scenery, the journey carries on to the Dades Valley. Here, marvel at the intriguing rock formation known as "monkey fingers" and admire the charming mud kasbahs that dot the landscape. Spend the night in a hotel or riad overlooking the picturesque valley.

Day 9: Dades Valley - Skoura - Ouarzazate - Ait Benhaddou - Marrakech

After a hearty breakfast, your journey unfolds as you depart from the enchanting Dades Gorges, heading towards Ouarzazate through the mesmerizing Valley of a Thousand Kasbahs. A pause is made in the roses city of Kalaat M'Gouna, celebrated for its rose cultivation and the annual Festival des Roses. Continuing the expedition, Skoura awaits with a visit to the well-preserved Kasbah of Amridil, offering insights into the rich history of the region.
The odyssey proceeds to Ouarzazate, renowned as a gateway to the Sahara Desert and famed for its association with the film industry. A visit to the Atlas Film Studios unveils the movie magic that has unfolded in this desert setting. The journey then carries you towards Marrakech, but not before exploring one of Morocco's iconic sites – Ait Benhaddou. This UNESCO World Heritage site is a traditional mud-brick city with narrow streets and passageways, offering a glimpse into ancient Berber architecture.
As you continue, a visit to the Kasbah of Telouet awaits, accompanied by a delightful lunch. Explore the Kasbah, capture memories through photography, and absorb the rich history of the Berber village. The adventure culminates in a scenic drive over the High Atlas mountains, traversing the Tizi N'Tichka Pass at an elevation of 2260 meters. This route presents breathtaking views of valleys, mountains, and the charming Berber villages nestled nearby.
Upon reaching the vibrant Red City of Marrakech, settle into your accommodation, where the allure of this bustling city awaits your exploration.

Day 10: Full-day exploring Marrakech - Sightseeing Tour

At the break of dawn, embark on a day of exploration within the vibrant tapestry of Marrakech, often referred to as "the red city of Morocco." Following a hearty breakfast at your accommodation, the journey begins by immersing yourself in the historical and cultural marvels that define this enchanting city.
Your itinerary encompasses must-visit sites, including the Majorelle Gardens, a botanical oasis infused with vibrant colors and artistic allure. The journey continues to the Menara, known for its tranquil gardens and iconic reflecting pool, offering a serene retreat within the city. The towering Koutoubia Tower, an emblematic landmark, awaits your exploration, showcasing stunning Moroccan architecture.
A visit to the Saadian Tombs unfolds a chapter of Marrakech's history, providing a glimpse into the resting place of royalty from the Saadian dynasty. The Bahia Palace, with its intricate architecture and lush gardens, offers a serene backdrop for cultural exploration.
As the sun reaches its zenith, head to the lively square of Jamma El-Fna, a sprawling space where an array of performers, including dancers, storytellers, jugglers, artisans, and snake charmers, captivate audiences with their talents. Following a delightful lunch at a restaurant near the square, traverse the bustling souks, witnessing the craftsmanship and vibrant displays of hundreds of handicrafts.
The afternoon grants you some free time to wander and discover the city's hidden gems at your own pace. As the day unfolds, relish in the lively atmosphere and cultural richness of Marrakech. Conclude the day with a delectable dinner, offering a taste of Moroccan culinary delights, and retire to your accommodation for a night of rest.

Day 11: Day Trip from Marrakech to Essaouira

On this day, post a delicious breakfast at your accommodation, the journey unfolds as you leave the vibrant cityscape of Marrakech behind and head towards the enchanting coastal city of Essaouira. The drive, spanning approximately 2 hours and a half, offers picturesque landscapes as you approach the shores of Essaouira.
Upon arrival, the day is dedicated to exploring the old city, where you may choose to be accompanied by a knowledgeable local guide to unveil the rich history and fascinating corners of Essaouira. The itinerary includes a visit to the historic Skala du Port, a fortress that stands as a testament to the city's maritime heritage. Wander through the alleys of the medina, adorned with blue doors and washed walls characteristic of Essaouira's charm.
Essaouira, often referred to as the "City of the Wind," has witnessed the influences of various civilizations, including the Portuguese occupation, reflected in its unique architecture. The city is not only known for its historical significance but also as a haven for surfers from around the world.
Explore the craftsmanship of Thuya wood artisans, stroll through the medina's alleys lined with countless handicrafts, and absorb the laid-back atmosphere of this coastal jewel. Visit the women's co-operative of Argan oil, where the extraction process of this valuable oil, renowned for its culinary, cosmetic, and medicinal properties, is showcased.
Lunch in Essaouira is a delightful affair, with an opportunity to savor fresh fish cooked to order at the fish market, allowing you to indulge in the authentic flavors of Moroccan cuisine. After lunch, enjoy the refreshing sea breeze on the beach, perhaps accompanied by a small drink of mint tea. The beach, overlooking the Medina, is adorned with numerous cafes boasting scenic terraces.
As the day winds down, soak in the beauty of Essaouira before embarking on the return journey to your accommodation in Marrakech, bringing with you the memories of a day filled with history, craftsmanship, and the coastal allure of Essaouira.

Day 12: ‘Marrakech - Transfer to the Airport

On the concluding day of your 12-day journey through Morocco from Tangier to Marrakech, our driver will facilitate your transfer to the airport, ensuring you reach your departing flight on time. As you bid farewell to the enchanting landscapes, diverse cities, and cultural experiences, we trust that your time with our company has been filled with memorable moments and enriching discoveries.
We sincerely hope you've enjoyed every aspect of this immersive adventure, and we appreciate the opportunity to be part of your Moroccan exploration. Should you have any feedback or require further assistance, feel free to reach out. Safe travels, and we look forward to hosting you again in the future.


Private tour in comfortable air-conditioned vehicle.

Accommodation during the trip (Riad or hotel + desert camp).

Multilingual Driver.

Camel Trekking.

Pick up from your accommodation.

Breakfast and Dinner.


Lunch & drinks.

Fees to enter some monuments.

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